Slimming Garcinia

Garcinia Cambogia Could Help You Lose Weight

You may have been hearing a lot about this product called garcinia cambogia lately and you might be wondering just what it can do for you. Does it really work? You might be thinking to yourself. Should I trust a product that is newer and that sounds so magical? Well, the choice is really up to you but here are some of the facts about this supplement.

Garcinia cambogia works as an appetite suppressant. You won’t be getting all of the cravings that you are used to when you are using it because it will stop them and leave you feeling satisfied. You’ll be able to keep yourself from eating too much junk food and that will immediately help you to start losing the extra weight you’ve been carrying around.

This product helps to reduce belly fat, so if you have been wondering how you’ll be able to get the extra flab down so that you can go out to the beach without feeling embarrassed of the way that you look, this is the supplement for you to go with.

Garcinia cambogia is an all natural product and it will have you losing the weight easily. No more complicated diets or exercise routines. No more money spent at a gym that you rarely visited anyway. It is good to keep exercising, of course, but that will not have to be your main focus anymore.

So, after reading all of that you should be able to see a clearer picture of what this product actually is and what it can do for you. If you are looking to lose some weight, especially some belly fat, then this may be just the thing that you have needed all along. It has been proven to help many people, and if you give it a try you could be the next.

If you’re thinking to try it and are wondering which product to choose, I suggest that you go with the Slimming Garcinia product. I’ve used it personally for almost a year and it’s definitely made my weight loss journey easier and more effective.



Weight Loss 101: Does Sleep Promote Weight Loss?

Fotolia_48860907_Subscription_XXLEver heard the saying that goes “if you want to lose weight you should get more sleep”? Surprising, it is literally true. It is believed that sleeping is the most trouble-free and effortless way of losing weight. As a matter of fact, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion says people who maintain their sleep routine ever day are less likely to gain body fats than those who have unbalanced sleep hours.

Recently, a research was done in Brigham Young led by Bruce Bailey the professor of exercise science, wherein 300 female college students, ages between 19 to 26 years old were given movement trackers to observe all their action and activities from waking to sleeping time. Their behavior was monitored before and after the one-week testing period. This is what they have found:

  • Girls who sleep less than six hours and sleep more than 8 hours was associated with higher body fat.
  • Meanwhile, girls who have proper and right sleep hours were associated with lower body fat. Including those who sleep consistently at the same time every day are associated with lower body fat.

Sounds too good to be true for me! Here are more reasons how sleep may cause weight loss:

  • Sleeping helps you eat less

When you are sleeping, it will affect the hunger-regulating hormone leptin in which will help to tell your body it is full and therefore reducing your appetite. Meanwhile, not getting enough sleep will increase the levels of leptin thus results in binge eating and cause gain weight. On the second note, women who have sleep deprivation gain an average of 300 calories than those who get to have enough sleep.

  • Sleeping helps you flatten your belly

The primary cause of belly fat is stress and anxiety. This clearly speaks that sleeping is a calming and relaxing activity that will free you from both stress and anxiety.

  • Sleeping helps you suppress hunger

Most people who are on a diet tend to sleep or take a power nap often whenever they have the urge to eat junk food. They claimed that sleeping helps overcome their unnecessary cravings and at the same time they get the chance to rest.

  • Sleeping provides energy

One of the reasons why our brain craves for foods is because we need energy. Sleeping is a good substitute to food but gives you energy just the same. I would recommend you to exercise few minutes before going to bed, and you will definitely have a wonderful sleep like you have never had before.

In conclusion, having enough good night sleep is essential to your brain and body. Not only it is beneficial to your health but also affects your body weight in a positive way. Sleep is associated with obesity, but the proper hours of sleep and a healthy diet will not lead you to weight gain or obesity. This could be the key to your weight gain problem. Create a sleep routine every day so that your body will adapt the changes and you will be able to sleep at the same hours regularly. Try exercising this method and see how it can change your life now!


Introduction to Crash Diet and What You Need to Know About It

shutterstock_157434866Crash diet is a diet method that helps one person to lose weight in a short period of time by reducing the calorie intake daily. Although it is a hard method to lose weight, it has become popular among adults who wish to lose weight in speedy time. This is the most sought diet method because of varied reasons such as parties, weddings, dates, engagements and other special events.

This type of diet is not suitable for everyone, you should consult your nutritionist or doctor before you plan to apply this method because it may triggers stress to your body and mind. However, to some people it work like magic and they were able to lose weight until that specific date. Crash diet is not meant for long term as it will affect your body drastically and caused you unwanted illnesses and may harm your body.

Many advertisement that promotes losing weight in just a week or ten days, are usually using the methods of crash diet. This diet is not like any other diet, but when it is done properly and faithfully, you are on your way to a celebrity figure you have always wanted.

There are two types of crash diet methods that enable you to lose weight in short period of time. Firstly by reducing the calorie intake for a day and it is usually only a minimum of 1200 calories a day. The second method is eating a recipe of foods that works as antioxidants and other nutrients that allow you to eliminate water out of your body.

The good thing about crash diet is that you don’t have to buy expensive weight loss pills or supplements to help you lose weight in a short period of time. Based on the famous weight-loss expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman said that you can lose extreme amount of weight in just one week and the secret is not starvation, but feasting! Yes, feasting on high-nutrients foods that contain minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants. According to Dr. Fuhrman, the more you consume these varieties of foods, the quicker you will lose weight.

What about hunger? Yes, you may face blockades such as hunger during your crash diet program but Dr. Fuhrman recommends that you switch to foods that are packed with nutrients instead of the usual food you ate before. This will not only help you lose huge amount of weight but will also improve your health tremendously. Eating nutrients-filled food satisfy your hunger better and longer than the unhealthy foods. Do not eat any artificial diet food or anything processed.

Crash diet is so extreme that it will totally change your life in just 7 days! The good thing is that after seven days, it will become part of your lifestyle. It will change your taste buds and help you differentiate between the healthy foods and the not-so healthy foods. It will become your default style of eating and it will no more feel like a diet.

If you followed this program for a long period time, you will be aware that you will no longer lose weight anymore. The explanation to this is because crash diet when use in longer span of time will eliminate all water surplus in your body to the extent that they cannot lose any more water. The second explanation is that your body cannot get sufficient calories to keep up with your body function in regular level. Thus, your body immediately turns into ‘survival’ mode and decrease the energy usage in the body drastically.

Therefore, if you have an upcoming special event and you want to look stunning in that beautiful dress but wish to lose weight in just a short period of time, crash diet is the best choice for you. However, if you think you need more time or gradually lose weight and feels like crash diet is too much for you, I would suggest you let go of the idea of crash diets because they can damage the steadiness of your body.